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Village Voice (Interview)

Back in 1993, Onyx helped hip-hop take a turn to the grimy side with the then-quartet’s Bacdafucup album. Just over 20 years later, the original mad faces are back with Wakedafucup, a new project out today (3/18) that they maintain channels the same rugged spirit of their debut. In honor of its release we tapped Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr to take a tweet-prompted trip back to their days running rampant through the fabled New York City nightclub The Tunnel. Stories about oral favors in the bathroom, stick-up kids posing as security, and poppin’ bottles with 2Pac ensued.

When did the idea to record Wakedafucup come about?

Fredro Starr: Wakedafucup is just time for hip-hop, you know? New York hip-hop was sleeping and if New York hip-hop is sleeping it means all of hip-hop is sleeping ’cause that’s the nucleus and heart of it. We was actually doing another album called Cut Throat. It was in the middle of that and we got the epiphany to put out a whole other album called Wakedafucup and we put Cut Throat more.

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