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Ill Will UK (Interview)

During their recent trip to the UK to perform at the world famous Jazz Cafe, I managed to pin down legendary Queens hardcore group Onyx for a chat.

Running through various different subject matters, both Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr were very candid about their opinions as far as the rap game is concerned. Talking about everything from why America is failing the rap game to why they should be considered some of the best storytellers in rap music, Fredro also explained why he sampled Drake on his recent album Made In The Streets.

Three of the hottest topics discussed in the #illSclusive Vinterview included Fredro recounting the time he met 2Pac the night before he got shot in New York, how he feels Sticky Fingaz lyrically bodied Eminem on “Remember Me” and the time Sticky snuck a gun into iconic Hip Hop club The Tunnel.

Also talking about their return after 10 years of not putting out any music, why there’s a hold up on releasing their Black Rock album and what happened to their protege group, Yung Onyx, this is definitely a must watch for fans of authentic New York Hip Hop and those who like a bit of aggressive honesty and educational tales with their rap.

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