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Sticky Fingaz x (Interview)

Sticky Fingaz Discusses Keith Murray Vs. Fredro Starr Battle; "Blade" TV Series

by RAOUL JUNEJA on October 21st 2015 | 4 comments

The acclaimed emcee/actor also chats about his new documentary and his debut album, "Blacktrash: The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones"

20 years after making his acting debut in Spike Lee’s Clockers and chalking up memorable roles in The Shield and Blade: The Series along the way, Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones is helping the next generation of actors and directors get their foot in the door.

Sticky’s first feature length documentary How To Make A Major Independent Movie provides behind-the-scenes tips and tricks to aspiring filmmakers, alongside words of advice from Sticky’s celebrity co-stars Michael Chiklis, Omar Epps, Dennis Quaid, Bookeem Woodbine and Michael Rappaport among many others. While en route to Onyx’s Ukraine, Russia and Czech Republic tour last week, HipHopDX caught up with Sticky about movies, music and being in Fredro’s corner (at the recent Fredro Starr Vs. Keith Murray rap battle).

Batman Vs. Blade

HipHopDX: When did you start shooting your documentary, and what inspired you to tackle this subject?

Sticky Fingaz: Started when I was filming A Day In The Life. I wanted to make films and describe the process I went through. More

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