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Downward Spiral

Ras Kass, Bumpy Knuckles and ONYX are from a different school, and they wear that distinction with pride. There’s is one where quality comes first, and trends are to be made, not to be chased. On Ras’ “Downward Spiral,” Bumpy and ONYX join him in the fight to save Hip-Hop from what they see as a descent into mediocrity. Ras spits venom like “These rappers got wack hit songs and I congrat’ you. No disrespect, don’t get upset when I don’t dap.” For their part, Bumpy and ONYX rap about how some things have changed for the worse in the digital era, with lines like “Rapped in confederate, Fred’ll rip straight through 100s of terabytes of all the shit you bite. MC from era of spitting right,” and “Rappers don’t even know who they writers. All this wack shit gave my computer the virus. Niggas sending threats to the G-Mail. That ain’t gangsta, only thing you blasting is the e-mail.” Now, the fearsome foursome have united in a new video which they are premiering on Ambrosia For Heads. via

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