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Hip Hop Kemp 2014 (Full Performance)

Watch ONYX's epic performance at this year's Hip Hop Kemp in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic with guest appearances by Snak The Ripper & DJ Illegal of Snowgoons.

Set List:

01. Intro (Chyskillz Beat)

02. Wakedafucup

03. Whut Whut

04. Buc Bac

05. Dirty Cops (w/ Snak The Ripper)

06. Turndafucup

07. Bacdafucup

08. Throw Ya Gunz 09. Shifftee 10. Judgment Night 11. R.I.P. To Kurt Cobain (Interlude) 12. Slam 13. Last Dayz 14. Shut 'Em Down 15. The Worst 16. Raze It Up 17. Put Your Gunz Up 18. Slam Harder

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